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"Just So" Way!


$99 for the package of video lessons, collab meetings, weekly assignments, and final project


5 Weeks

A stamp illustrates Rudyard Kipling and his creative work.

About the Course

“Just So” Way! explores Kipling’s imaginative origin tales, his Just So Stories. You’ll be drawn into his whimsical world as you listen to, read, and discuss three stories from the collection. With their creative plots and luscious language, they’re “just so” clever.

Prior to each meeting, you’ll you read a story from your workbook, watch a brief instructional video, and complete a practice worksheet. Afterwards, we’ll get together for some discussion and fun in our weekly collaboration meetings, called “collabs” for short.

As our time together ends, you will create your own imaginative story about how something came to be the way it is–written in the “Just So” way! You may even be inspired to read the rest of the stories in the book later.

Learning Focus

Reading, analyzing, and writing stories

  • comprehension

  • structure

  • summary

Recommended Level

Grades 5-7


July 12, 19, 26; August 2, 9


10-11:30 a.m.


$14.99 for the Just So Workbook

Your Teacher

Linda Crumley

Linda Crumley

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