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Grammar Pursuit, Round 2


$79 for the package of video lessons, assignment reviews, and collabs


4 weeks

A trivial pursuit pie has two pieces yet to be placed.

About the Course

Grammar Pursuit is a games-oriented course designed to teach you the basics of proper grammar and encourage you to apply that knowledge to your writing.

Prior to each session, you will watch a brief instructional video and complete a practice worksheet. In the assignment, you will identify the sentence parts taught in the video and apply associated punctuation and capitalization rules.

During collab sessions, you will demonstrate what you learned by participating in fun review activities.

As a grand finale, you’ll compete in a trivial pursuit-style game for prizes and the title of Top Grammarian of 2023!

Learning Focus

Sentence parts

  • direct objects

  • modifiers

  • conjunctions

Recommended Level

Grades 5-6


July 17, 24, 31;

August 7


4:30-5:30 p.m.


Foundational Chartbook, 2023 edition, is recommended. Click here to order.

Your Teacher

Wendy Kapusta

Wendy Kapusta

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