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Private Tutoring

One size does not fit all. Sometimes you need personalized help.


Intended for those who want long-term support in the language arts, our private tutoring is highly customizable. You may tutor in up to two subjects per lesson — English grammar skills, reading comprehension, literature and book study, literary or rhetorical analysis, writing, spelling, critical thinking, vocabulary, standardized test preparation for the verbal sections, or homework assistance. All 50-minute lessons are conducted conveniently online via Zoom.

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Private tutoring provides real-time instruction and oversight of learning complete with many benefits. Choose this option if you want the advantages of a. . .

  • live private 1:1 or find your own study buddy for 1:2 instruction. 

  • carefully curated and/or Inkwell-licensed curriculum.

  • progress at your own pace.

  • continuous learning support.

  • maximum personal attention.

  • a regular lesson time that fits your schedule.

  • accelerated learning and/or homework help.

  • lessons customized to your Individualized Learning Plan.

  • emails after each session that report lesson content and your progress.

The Details

Package Plan


Intake Process

If you want to enroll for a customized tutoring package, you must complete an intake process to determine your skill level, to pair you with an appropriate teacher, and to develop your Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). 


The process to set up this customized tutoring can take 1-2 weeks, for it encompasses . . . 

  • an initial interview with Inkwell team members.

  • up to 2 diagnostic tests. Additional tests cost $25 each.

  • processing of documents and assessment of diagnostic tests.

  • a customized written report of Inkwell’s findings.

  • an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP).


Lessons are offered by quarter. There are four semesters of three months each. 

  • Quarter 1: Fall (September — November)

  • Quarter 2: Winter (December — February)

  • Quarter 3: Spring (March — May)

  • Quarter 4: Summer (June – August)


On the package plan, you must schedule a minimum of two sessions each month, and total charges for a quarter are drawn in advance automatically from the payment card you have on file. Package plans require an initial interview and diagnostic testing, resulting in an Individualized Learning Plan.

The required initial interview cost is . . .

  • $100 per private student.

  • $75 each for students sharing sessions.


Per 50-minute ILP session, a private package  costs . . .

  • $80 with a master teacher.

  • $55 with a teacher.


Per 50-minute ILP session, a shared package for two students costs . . .

  • $45 each student for a master teacher.

  • $35 each student for a teacher.

Private tutoring requires a commitment of at least twelve weeks and purchase of a minimum of a 6-lesson package. After you fulfill your initial ILP package, you may continue with a Service Agreement every quarter at the same session rate. If you are unsure about committing to a package and would like to have a trial session, contact us. Otherwise, you may select Inkwell's a la carte option below. Or for a more affordable option, select our Group Instruction plan.

A La Carte Plan

If you want temporary help for a specific project, you may skip the interview process and ILP entirely. In that case, your sessions are paid up front on the first of every month.  This option is for one student only. A la carte sessions, which may not be shared, cost . . .

  • $85 for a master teacher.

  • $60 for a teacher.



Besides the tuition above, you may also need to purchase curriculum materials, which vary in price. Read about the books we use.

Tutoring Policies

Click here to read Inkwell’s Policies, Terms & Conditions, which require your consent in order for you to begin tutoring.

Getting Started

If you are interested in private tutoring, the first step is to complete a Pre-Registration. Once we receive your form, we will reach out to you to let you know whether we have a teacher available to meet your needs. If so, we’ll start the process. If not, you will be placed on a waiting list.

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