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Parents often wonder what books they need to purchase for tutoring sessions. Inkwell recommends a variety of books and workbooks to meet needs for supplemental English instruction and support — a combination of proprietary curriculum materials and resources from other publishers.

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Writing Resources

The best-known Inkwell program is our flagship writing series — Writing Wraps. This curriculum is the foundation upon which Inkwell was built. It has been in development since 2010, when it became clear that there was nothing like it for tutors. The series is designed to cover all the writing principles and types of writing that students will be required to produce from primary through secondary grades in school. Based on “magic threes,” it is a systematic, incremental program that ensures success. The core text is Patterned Paragraph. Learn more about Writing Wraps.

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Reading Resources


Inkwell pairs classic works of fiction with writing instruction in a series called Author Craft. To strengthen reading comprehension, we primarily use, a free online reading software. Sometimes we supplement with ReadingVine or other websites as well. Learn more about Author Craft and other books we recommend.

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Grammar Resources


Inkwell is developing grammar materials to meet the needs of students in upper elementary through high school. Currently a middle-school handbook is available with additional handbooks in the planning stages. Also available are two workbooks that employ a visual method of learning grammar. Level I is suitable for grades 5 and above, and Level II for grades 7 and above. Decoding, a fun secondary curriculum, fine-tunes advanced grammar and composition skills for grades 10 and above. Learn more about Grammar Resources.

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Vocabulary Resources


We currently use Sadlier’s Vocabulary Workshop series as a base to strengthen word power, and we supplement their word lists with additional practice from

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