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A single line forms the Inkwell English Education logo, the handwritten word "Inkwell" in classic cursive with a line extending to create the shape of an inkwell with a feather quill resting inside it.


Read well. Write well. Do well.

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A single line art drawing shows a boy seated on an open book with his arms out freely.

Since 2006 Inkwell English Education has provided school students premium language arts tutoring and support. We use the finest caliber curricula — both carefully curated publisher's workbooks and our own Inkwell-exclusive materials. Our flagship proprietary program is Writing Wraps.

Focusing on mastery-level learning, we begin with fundamentals and build skills incrementally and systematically, filling in gaps in knowledge and practicing skills that often receive marginalized attention in large classroom environments. 


We love what we do, and we strive for our students' success. Our teachers are highly skilled professionals with experience and expertise. Your child will be under the direction of a veteran teacher familiar with our materials and methods. 

Books stacked on each other fill the frame

Private Tutoring

  • Package of study sessions for 1-2 students

  • Required diagnostic testing and intake interview

  • Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) customized to student needs

  • Lessons in real time via Zoom

  • Carefully curated and/or Inkwell-licensed curriculum

  • Assigned work and oversight from an experienced teacher

  • Access to Student Resource Library

  • Session notes that detail progress

  • Parent-teacher conferences available

Group Instruction

  • Lessons for a small class of students with established meeting dates & times

  • Flat rate for class enrollment

  • Live weekly group Zoom collaboration

  • Instruction, assigned work, and feedback from teacher and peers

  • Supplemental online on-demand lessons and exercises 

  • Open enrollment for registered students only with neither required pre-qualification nor pro-rated lessons

  • Course completion certificates


"Your teaching sparked a joy and curiosity within me for which I’ll always be grateful. Perhaps someday I’ll have adequate command of the English language to express how much I appreciate what you’ve taught me, but until then, for what it’s worth, thank you."

James S.

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