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Elaboration Stations


$59 for the package of handouts, assignments, collab meetings, and certificate of achievement


1+ Weeks

Train cars in a station illustrate various elements that can elaborate a sentence.

About the Instruction

Elaboration is an important “tell me more” skill teachers often require. For each Elaboration Station workshop meeting, or “collab,” we’ll focus on 3 elements to add to a bare-bones sentence. You’ll then practice writing them and share your results. Most work will be done in class, and the final collab will be a friendly competition! You will receive a certificate indicating how many of the ten stations you successfully pass during the workshop.

Recommended Level

Upper middle school and high school

Learning Focus

Language Elements & Sentence Structure

  • sentence base

  • modifier

  • appositive

  • phrase

  • clause

  • figures of speech


July 15, 17, 19, 22


6-7:00 p.m.


  • handout to be printed

  • pencil

  • laptop with Internet connection

Your Teacher

Karen Boniface

Karen Boniface

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