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Group Instruction

A group class or workshop condenses the study of a particular topic. If the best way you learn is together with other students, it’s perfect for you. 

You have access to course materials – lessons, exercises, and reviews – on a set schedule. You may study on-demand lessons and complete assignments before meeting with your teacher weekly. In these live Zoom sessions--called collabs--your teacher provides feedback on your work and answers your questions, and you present your projects for peer comments and critique. Upon completion of all course requirements, you receive a certificate. 

If you would like to form a class on a certain topic with your friends, just let us know. 

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The quality of learning in group instruction is the same as that of private tutoring. The same well-qualified teachers use the same materials and cover all of the same concepts, spending the same amount of time to deliver lessons. Additionally, you have collabs, meetings with your student group. By combining the best of private tutoring and the advantages of class instruction, we make Inkwell’s quality education more affordable for you.

Upcoming Instruction

Train cars in a station illustrate various elements that can elaborate a sentence.

Elaboration Stations

Has your teacher ever written the comment "Tell me more"? If so, then you will benefit from this workshop.

July 15, 17, 19, 22

A sign indicates a club.

Reading Club

Do you want some accountability and support for your summer reading? In each club meeting, you'll discuss your progress.

June 18, July 9, Aug. 6

Service Details

Group Instruction

Quarterly, Inkwell teaches groups about topics of high interest. These sessions are open to enrollment for all eligible students. Click here to read Inkwell’s Policies, Terms & Conditions, which require your consent in order for you to enroll in a class or workshop. If you don’t see the topic you need, request it by leaving a message on our contact page or by calling our virtual office number (248) 270-5222.


Tuition for group instruction varies by course. See the panel above for Inkwell’s group instruction for the current quarter and click the LEARN MORE button for a course you are interested in.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be graded on the class?


No. Because our courses do not necessarily equal the total amount of work that you would invest in a full school term, we award certificates of completion only. You can track the number of points you earn and compute a percentage score for yourself. 

I have a conflict and cannot meet on all the collab dates. Can I still register and take the course?


Yes. You may watch the videos and complete the worksheets at times convenient for you. You would miss the collabs, but you can request a link to view the recorded meeting later.

Do you prorate class tuition for late enrollment or for sessions missed?


No. Class fees are calculated based on a minimum student enrollment. Our service package does not accommodate any type of credit. 

My child is a grade above or a grade below the level recommended for the class. Can I still sign up?


Yes. You know your child best. We trust your judgment whether the class would be too advanced or too easy. We don’t want students discouraged if work is too hard or bored if work is beneath their ability. 

What is your refund policy?

Class fees are enrollment-based; therefore, tuition is non-refundable except under the following condition. If you drop a course for a legitimate reason on or before the first meeting day, or collab, you may be approved for a refund of up to half the tuition paid. No other refunds will be considered.

I don't see the course that I need. Do you offer other topics of study?

Yes. If you don't see the course that you're looking for, contact us to let us know your needs. We might have that course in our independent study catalog, or we might be able to build it for you if you have a group of students who would like to study the same topic.  

Do you provide your courses to homeschool groups?

We'd love to! If you are the director of a homeschool group or co-op and would like to host one of our courses, contact us to let us know your needs. Let's discuss how we can work together to help students learn.  

Private Tutoring vs. Group Instruction


Many people think that private instruction is superior to group instruction. That is not always the case! Many factors are involved in your choice. Click on the video clips below to determine what’s best for you. If you still need help deciding, contact us. We’ll be happy to schedule a conference call to discuss your particular needs.

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