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Reading Club


$89 for the package of assignment reviews and collab meetings


8 weeks, with 3 collabs (group meetings)

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About the Instruction

Do you struggle keeping up with your assigned summer book? Would you like to read a challenging novel this summer? Join us for a summer book club. For each club meeting, called a “collab,” we’ll help you to stay on track with your summer reading.

Recommended Level

Middle school and high school

Learning Focus

Reading Comprehension

  • characters

  • plot

  • point of view

  • theme

  • figurative language


June 18, July 9, Aug. 6


4-5:00 PM


  • a laptop with Internet connection

  • your book

  • any assigned reading guide, project requirements, or questions your school provides

Your Teacher

Wendy Kapusta

Wendy Kapusta

Where do I go to sign up? 

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